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Allen Sun

Licensee Salesperson

Over the past fifteen years, Allen has worked in a variety of different industries such as information technology, marketing management, and telecommunication sales. He is a diligent, warm-hearted, hyper-attentive, and detail-oriented individual. Allen has been highly recognised in every industry field he has engaged in. By virtue of his culture, unparalleled people skills and an excellent command of both English and Mandarin, Allen has established a very comprehensive social network both locally and internationally.  This commitment to his business and social networks, his clients, and his customers has resulted in long-term and deeply meaningful relationships.

With a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management, Allen has a highly developed acumen in numbers, with the ability to gather critical data and conduct in-depth analysis, which allows him to effectively help his customers to analyze market situations and trends, and assist to make the right decision.  Allen also has experience in business investment and management, and he is happy to share his experience and ideas.

When going the extra mile, and remaining committed throughout the real estate journey, is what you’re looking for - Allen is your man!

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