Cody Demchy


This industry is all about people; their wants, their needs and their expectations. Cody is excellent at genuinely connecting with people. Having lived all around the country throughout his life, Cody has encountered all walks of life and takes great pleasure in connecting and helping others. Whether you are buying or selling, Cody strives to make the process as simple and stress-free as possible.

Before entering into real estate, Cody was educated with a degree in philosophy, the study of critical thinking. This has equipped him with exceptional problem-solving tools to utilise within the real estate industry. He has also garnered a collection of skills from the many different industries he has worked within including customer service, administration and other sales roles.

The opportunity to work with and learn from the successful pair of Samuel Young and Glen Young is something Cody is highly excited about. Glen’s encyclopedic real estate knowledge, and Samuel’s relentless work ethic are qualities Cody is striving to acquire working alongside them. He is focused, driven, and determined to make an impact in the industry. His knowledge of new technologies and systems are sure to bring the marketing of your property to the next level.

If you’re ready to connect, be heard and understood, don’t hesitate to call Cody today.