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Daniel Grubjesic

Licensee Salesperson

As a young boy with a love of bicycles, Daniel Grubjesic took an after-school job sweeping floors at the local Bike Barn when he was 12 years old. By the age of 21, he had become a franchise owner growing his Bike Barn store to become one of Auckland's most successful cycle franchises. It is this same entrepreneurial and committed spirit that has stood Daniel in good stead throughout his 20+ years in real estate.

Through his retail experience, Daniel gained valuable early knowledge in marketing, advertising, negotiating sales, and dealing with people. The most important value he learned was to give the best customer service. It is these solid business skills that distinguish Daniel as an agent. 

For all his professionalism, it is Daniel’s personality that wins through to his clients.  Daniel is a down-to-earth character who builds a natural rapport. He listens to customers and takes on board what they need, then works diligently to get the best result, a great price for vendors, or a dream home or dream investment for buyers.

Daniel’s combined qualities bring customers back to him time and again.

 You can rest assured that Daniel is a market expert who can advise on market trends and provide a stable support throughout the process of your property transaction. He brings the further solid backing, resources and cutting-edge technology.

At home, Daniel’s customer service extends to his love of food! He is a foodie, who loves to cook and bring joy to those around him through his culinary skills.  Daniel is happily married and a proud dad of two awesome sons.