Daniel Langley

Property Management

We are delighted to welcome Daniel as our newest addition to the Property Management team as our Business Development Officer.

Being born in London, Daniel is well suited to the fast pace city lifestyle. Returning to his homeland of New Zealand after 20 years in the UK, he loves the mixed and interesting lifestyle that Auckland has to offer and now calls it home for many years to come.

With an extensive sales and client focused background, Daniel strives to bring the best service to each and every one of his clients. Daniel's sales background includes real estate sales in London and more recently automotive sales in Auckland; both challenging and exciting roles, meaning he will not miss a beat with your property needs.

He understands the importance of good customer service and greatly values a timely and efficient process.

Daniel is ready to restart his career in property on this side of the globe, and is excited to meet many new landlords and tenants.

If you're looking for a professional Property Management division that takes care for the finer details, get in touch with Daniel today for your free rental appraisal and information on everything property."

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