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David Kerr

Licensee Salesperson

“ Perception is reality, and it’s just as true for business as it’s for realty “.

Hi I’m David Kerr, your local Real Estate agent at Ray White in Auckland !

In today’s constantly changing world, one asset sector outshines all others and that is property. Houses are the safest bet in New Zealand, and in most developed countries around the world for maximising cashflow, building wealth and planning for retirement.

But buying and selling property well, takes a lot of courage, clever planning and execution, based on sound logic and market information, which can only come through a trusted advisor, backed by a team of experts.

At Ray White, we are all about relationships and discovering the ‘hidden wealth’ in your property, and I have spent my entire life finding hidden treasures around New Zealand.

Starting in advertising as a junior creative, I carved out a very successful award-winning career as a landscape photographer in New Zealand and the UK. This led to working closely with Tourism industry, including publishing my first book “New Zealand Greatscapes” (2016) followed by “Quintessential New Zealand” (2018) which sold over 14,000 copies.

The purpose of my sharing this with you, is to bring you on the journey of life I’ve taken before I began my career as a real estate agent. Corporates like Aon Insurance, Ansett New Zealand, Inflight Heli Charters, Newmans Air, Thomas Cook and Tourism Holdings were some of my biggest supporters who encouraged my passion for delivering a good product with absolute professionalism.

Selling property is no different than selling to corporates. You have to connect with the person to find out how they will see value where you see profit, and present it in the best manner to achieve the highest bid on the market. Good communication, clever negotiation and smart marketing will always deliver the best results – even in a slow or under-performing market. .

A good marketing campaign will help you sell your property. A good marketer will help you sell your property, at the best possible price, in the quickest time. And who better than someone who spent his entire life selling New Zealand to the world.

You see, good words tell stories, and a good picture is as good as a thousand words. Many a times not-so-great properties sell for record prices, because they were presented with good videography, brilliant copy and above all, a clear concise message that emotionally connects with a buyer who will pay a premium to own that piece of your story, be it land, an apartment, a building or a house.

Let us connect over tea or coffee, and share a conversation where I can listen to your story, as you’ve done mine, and allow me to represent you in your quest to buying or selling property stress-free with peace of mind, and find out more about the hidden value in your property.

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