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Harsha Thanthriwatte

Licensee Salesperson


Harsha is part of the new wave of real estate agents, passionate about providing a premium service to his clients. You would see him talk a lot about change management and continuous learning focused on enhancing client experience. With a strong background in real estate markets in Hamilton and Auckland, he sets himself to achieve results through an efficient sales process.

He has had a good run in digital marketing and key account management, working for some of the largest service providers in the country. Harsha was recognised number of times with awards and accolades for some of the outstanding sales volumes achieved in different industries over the years. The skills and knowledge he brings into the industry are second to none, that invariably results in broader solutions for his clients. He embraces technology and all the dynamic tools in marketing while provisioning the basics of traditional real estate. 

More than anything, Harsha is a true friend, colleague and an expert at what he does, that most of the people he knows admire and cherish about. In a highly competitive industry, Harsha believes in one thing. Like in sports, play hard and fair.