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Ke Hu胡可 中文服务专线

Licensee Salesperson

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►►► Sole Licensed Salesperson with Extensive Background in Real Estate Marketing & Advertising Strategies ◄◄◄

With a profound residency and professional presence spanning multiple years, I have closely observed the remarkable evolution of our local domains. It is evident that certain properties have achieved transactions at staggering margins – 30%, 40%, 50%, and even 80% beyond their Capital Valuations (CVs).

In parallel to the rapid progression characterizing the Ellerslie and Mt Wellington markets, our proficient team is unceasingly dedicated to securing optimal valuations for our community. Naturally, this endeavor culminates in substantial resource conservation – both monetarily and temporally.

My origin traces back to Beijing, where I was nurtured and subsequently commenced my trajectory as an Advertising Strategy Consultant within the prestigious aegis of Vantone Real Estate's headquarters ( in 1998. During my tenure at Vantone Real Estate, I assimilated the dynamics of diligent application and continuous expansion, having supported numerous sales professionals in consummating over 10,000 property transactions annually. My contribution encompassed strategic identification of pertinent buyers prior to the commencement of negotiations, thereby underscoring the criticality of strategic marketing and advertising methodologies.

I steadfastly uphold an ethos of perpetual collaboration with clients and colleagues alike. The zenith of my aspirations lies in orchestrating the realization of optimal value for your property.

Proficiency in Knowledge, Mastery in Execution!

Should you aspire to unlock the zenith valuation for your property, kindly engage me at your earliest convenience. I pledge to curate a bespoke blueprint tailored to your property's unique attributes. Collaboratively, we shall transmute your aspirations into actualities.

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