Ke Hu胡可 中文服务专线

Licensee Salesperson

I have done many jobs, but I am finally back on the track I call Real Estate.

I have enjoyed the great pleasure of striving in one of my favourite cities in the world: Auckland.  Where else can you find a lifestyle that is second to none.  I truly love this city and I am proud to work here daily for my clients.

I was born and raised in Beijing,  I started as a graphic designer and then moved to an Advertising Strategy Consultant in one of the top 3 Real Estate developing companies —— Vantone Real Estate head office ( in Beijing since 1998.  In Vantone Real Estate, I did learn to work and grow, I helped hundreds of salepeople to sell 10000+ houses every year, what I had done is targetting right buyers before salepeople started negotiating with them. I knew the importance of advertising and marketing, 

I, the only one salesperson with rich experience of Advertising and Marketing Strategy Consultant background in Real Estate industry in the office, always consistently work with my clients and help my colleagues. My biggest goal is tracing the best value for your property. Call me today and let me help you make one of the biggest and important decision in your life. Together we can make your dreams a reality. 

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