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Ke Hu胡可 中文服务专线

Licensee Salesperson


>>>>> The Only One Licensee Saleperson With Strong Real Estate Marketing & Advertising Strategy Consultant Background!!! <<<<<

I live & work in the area, I am looking after the local vendors 365 days every year. I've witnessed the development of our area and I am full of hope for the future development of our area.

I was born and raised in Beijing,  I started as a graphic designer and then moved to an Advertising Strategy Consultant in one of the top 3 Real Estate developing companies —— Vantone Real Estate head office (http://www.vantone.com/aboutEn/company) in Beijing since 1998.  In Vantone Real Estate, I did learn to work and grow, I helped hundreds of salepeople to sell 10000+ houses every year, what I had done is targetting right buyers before salepeople started negotiating with them. I knew the importance of advertising and marketing, 

I always consistently work with my clients and help my colleagues. My biggest goal is tracing the best value for your property. 

Know How, Can Do! 

Getting buyers meet your property ► Getting buyers know your property ► Getting buyers fall in love with your property ► Getting buyers buy your property

If you want to know how I get this process done, call me today and let me tailor a special planfor your property. Together we can make your dreams a reality. 

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