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Malia Mahe

Licensee Salesperson


Born and bred in East Auckland, Malia is a local who feels lucky to be working in an industry she is passionate about, whilst getting to share her love for and knowledge of her home. Her vibrant and sincere personality has seen her form strong relationships, both in work and her personal life.

Before stepping into real estate, Malia dedicated her life to family and university studies, before graduating in 2017, then living abroad in Melbourne, Australia. These experiences allowed Malia to gain better knowledge of herself and make decisions of how she wanted to move forward with purpose. A natural leader with energy many gravitate towards, she is able to take charge and take initiative in any situation - exactly the skills clients seek when selling or purchasing property.

Adaptable, outgoing and caring, Malia finds it easy to communicate with people from all walks of life. Her presence in the community since a young age due to her parents being highly respected leaders of the Pacific community, has helped her build lifelong relationships with many locals. Her mother founded the local community centre with a vision to create opportunities for those who made New Zealand their new home and Malia plans to continue this legacy in creating opportunities for you to buy or sell property in the market. 

Malia is an agent who puts extra time and effort into her craft, as her detailed nature ensures that all bases are covered. 

Malia prides herself in being genuine and transparent and understands the process can be challenging and stressful. Malia works hard to understand her clients, and to alleviate pressures to help them make well-thought out decisions for the best possible outcome.

Get in touch today and allow Malia help you buy a house, to then make a home.

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