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Thylo Toailoa

Licensee Salesperson

Thylo Sledge Manutoau Toailoa

Thylo Toailoa is a person who brings great work ethic, commitment and passion to see people accomplish their goals. Thylo is a gifted people-person and is always willing to ensure that his clients trust and have faith in him.

Thylo is a proud Samoan who celebrates his Pacifica heritage and is bi-lingual in Samoan and English. Born and raised in Christchurch, but Auckland has offered Thylo many opportunities to pursue his dreams and goals in life. 

Before stepping into the real estate industry, Thylo had experienced a range of different workplaces, and spent years doing face to face, door to door and business to business Sales and Marketing  for different companies and these experiences has helped him relate, connect, and build relationships with people and ensure he provides the best service for his clients. 

Thylo is an agent who puts extra time and effort into his expertise. Thylo believes that real estate is a good way to communicate with all types of people, and desires to support his clients positively and consequentially. 

His work ethic, passion, drive and tremendous smile are all important – along with humor, are values that create Thylo’s foundation within the Real Estate industry.