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Yvonne Baricevich

Licensee Salesperson

Selling Real Estate with Yvonne is anything but a business or home transaction. If you could talk to her past clients, you'd be aware that it is a highly detailed, educated, and structured process. She keeps a close level of communication that is tailored to suit individual needs while protecting her client’s best interest and achieving a premium price. This is achieved with a smile, bringing enthusiasm, hard work, and determination. Making for a smooth and stress-free process.

Her knowledge of the market, her skills and the process she uses achieves results. Having commenced her career in late 2021 Yvonne’s presence has been positively felt in the local Real Estate market and is an invaluable member of the Ben & Co team. Her love for people allows her to connect with everyone she meets effortlessly whilst offering an empathetic appreciation for their needs and aspirations.

Coming from a background of banking and finance and with decades of experience running a multi million-dollar fishing business all whilst raising a family, her passion for homes, interiors, and architecture never faded. She has a deep appreciation for the beauty of homes and the art of impeccable presentation.

With a wealth of business acumen dealing with all walks of life over the years and now that the kids have all flown the nest, Yvonne now has the time to completely focus and follow her passion into the real estate industry. Yvonne has the financial knowledge to help her clients make informed decisions, and the interpersonal skills to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible. This allows her to provide valuable insights and advice to her clients, helping them make the best decisions for their needs and goals. Her clients are left feeling pleased, satisfied, and cared for by their new friends. Let the journey begin.

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